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Galaxy of Pen and Paper Review

 A Galactic Adventure to remember.

 Galaxy of Pen and Paper is as if Final Fantasy met Star Wars, in this Sci-fi RPG adventure, filled with lots of side quests, a lengthy main plot, and funny dialogue.

Starting out in this game, you are joining the GM through good old Dial-up internet connection to start your space-faring journey. You’ll create your first two characters and pick their classes. You will be presented with 4 classes to choose from, a couple characters with different passive traits and 3 different races to pick from.

The story has you begin on the desert planet of Tannon, stranded with a debt to a criminal before buying your space ship. But lucky for you out of nowhere a space ship crashes on the planet in somehow perfect condition. This mysterious space ship is what you’re trying to figure out where it’s from and how did it come into your hands. The main plot is long with 4 chapters and multiple plot twists and choices along the way. Apart from its main quest, there are plenty of side quests, that you yourself can complete at any time. These quests can range from hunting down mini bosses, to recovering items for NPCs or escorting them to different planets.

The graphics and soundtrack of the game are great, a mix of 32-bit characters, 3D planets and a galactic map. The soundtrack makes you feel right there in the middle of an awesome sci-fi adventure. It also compliments the battles with enemies. Each battle in the game lets you pick which and how many enemies you want to fight against. Only in the main quest, there are a couple of bosses already setup for you to fight. The game has your characters facing your enemies in a J-RPG style of game play. There are lots of different enemy variations to fight, so battling never feels dull.

Progression through the game is also quick with not too much grinding to do, you can even focus on the main quest line without having to do side quests, but where’s the fun in that. Later on, in the game you’ll be able to add two more characters to your party for a total of 4. You’ll also have access to new classes through class quests that u unlocked as you progress through the main quest line, leaving a total of 8 classes to choose from. You’ll be able to try all the classes with the option of creating new characters on the ship and switching between them.

Exploration in the game is also another fun part of the game to experience, with lots of planets to visit and even fight other traveling ships in an extra mini game.


Galaxy of Pen and Paper is a fun galactic adventure to experience, with a cool story line and a great option to create your own side quests. It has plenty of content to keep you hooked playing for such a bargain price on your phone. I only wished I could pass my save file from my phone to my desktop to continue the adventure. On their previous title, Knights of Pen and Paper, they had the option of uploading you’re save to the cloud. Maybe in the future, they’ll add it in an update, which is all I could hope for.

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    The Good

    • Cool Storyline
    • Create your own sidequests
    • Good Progression and a Big variaty of enemies

    The Bad

    • No cross save with pc

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